Competition Commission of Pakistan Government of Pakistan Job Vacancies 2023

On Lump sum payment Competition Commission of Pakistan Govt of Pakistan Job Vacancies 2023 have been announced. All these CC jobs are on a contract basis with a fixed salary package. The details are as under:

The Latest Competition Commission of Pakistan Govt of Pakistan Vacancies 2023

There are multiple vacancies in CCP. It invites applications from qualified and competitive candidates. The jobs are on a contract basis. The duration of the contract is for the period of 02 years. The candidate may get handsome salary packages with additional allowances

Sr.No Job Title No.of Posts
1. Data Analyst/Statistical Analyst 01
2. Economist 01
3. Law Officer 02
4. Media Advocacy Specialist 01
5. Videographer 01
6. Management Executive 03


Monthly Salary Packages


Sr.No Job Title Salaries on a Monthly Basis
1. Data Analyst / Statistical Analyst Rs.225,000
2. Economist Rs.225,000
3. Law Officer Rs.175,000
4. Media Advocacy Specialist Rs.250,000
5. Videographer Rs.175,000
6. Management Executive Rs.70,000


Experiences and Skills


  1. Data Analysts Analyst candidates must have abilities in collecting/analyzing/interpreting the data.
  2. As economists, the applicants must be able to analyze / or forecast the economic indicators.
  3. For the post of Law Officer, the candidates must be capable of drafting legal documents and instruments.
  4. Media Specialists will be responsible for managing social media platforms. They must know how to craft of disseminate the media reports /press releases.
  5. Candidates should have the best skills in capturing a! Producing high-quality video content. This role involves proficiency in operating video equipment.
  6. Candidates for the Post of Management Executive should have strong written or oral communication skills.


Competition Commission of Pakistan Government of Pakistan Job Vacancies 2023


Submission of Application


The applicants can apply online. Registration is open within 15 days after the announcement of vacancies in the advertisement. The ad was published on 15th Nov 2023.


Conditions and Limitations


  1. Candidates with higher qualifications are preferable.
  2. Limited candidates will be selected.
  3. There will be no favoritism or nepotism in the selection process.
  4. There is a chance to increase the no.of seats.
  5. There are no additional allowances included in monthly salaries.
  6. Best performers during the contract have the opportunity to extend their contract. Or they may be regular.


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